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Karen's fresh, informative workshops are an intensive period of work, study, and fun that have been enthusiastically received by students at all levels.  

The first day begins with a short lecture and/or demonstration.  Emphasis is placed on creating good, balanced compositions, defining value relationships and achieveing the mastery of color.  Focus is placed on learning to identify self expression.

Karen works individually with each student and guides them at his own level and in his own style.  Critiques and demonstrations occur throughout the workshop.

Paint in an open and responsive atmosphere

Take the opportunity to experience the adventure of discovering new concepts in painting.  Return to the traditional rules and view them in a fresh way.  Take a walk through an experience you've not yet had and choose the paths that help you find yourself as an artist.  In the midst of learning, laughter and a safe and friendly atmosphere, learn a fresh approach to traditional painting that can open new journeys of wonder.

Learn with others in lectures
Class lectures and question-and-answer sessions are tools for sharing and learning.

Learn through demonstrations
Teacher demonstrations show students brush techniques, compositional plans and design concepts, color, value, and intensity development, and clarifies substrate options.  

Work independently in your style
Working independently, the student may develop and expand his own style while practicing the theories and concepts taught in the class.  Individuality and self-expression are encouraged.

Participate in class critiques
Learning, painting and studying are the class goals while creating an atmosphere of openness and freedom.  Laughter and active conversations among students are ongoing elements in the classroom as each develops his paintings and individual style.

Quotes from students:

"Karen was fantastic in the workshop!  She spent a lot of time with us, was very cheerful, and I learned more from her than in any other workshop."

"What a wonderful experience!  Loved the workshop.  Truly, I've never been given so much info and sharing of talent."
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Karen Vernon ACT. BWS, TWS WAS-H