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Listed below are the supplies used in my workshops.  Please bring in anything you have used in the past.  You are not required to use the paints I have on my palette.  I do, however, recommend that you purchase professional grade paints rather than student grade paints.  Don't skimp on the quality of your materials.  Good materials enable you to learn more quickly and struggle less.  If you have any questions concernng the supplies you might need, feel free to contact me through the Contact Page  on this site or email me your questions.
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Karen Vernon ACT. BWS, TWS WAS-H
Materials list for Karen Vernon Studio Workshops

The following is a list of equivalent paint colors from four major suppliers. The first group is comprised of required colors for all students; the second includes additional colors for intermediate level students; the third group includes additional colors for advanced level painters. CHOOSE ONE COLOR FROM EACH MANUFACTURER. (For example: From the Essential list you would choose Winsor Yellow and would not need Hansa Yellow, Permanent, Yellow Lemon, or Perm. Yellow Aureolin.)
The x marks (xxx) indicates that there is either no equivalent color or that we have not yet determined what that color might be

These colors are required for all students.  
Daniel Smith                             Holbein                        Winsor Newton            Maimeri​
Hansa Yellow or Aureolin         Perm. Yellow Lemon    Winsor Yellow                  Perm. Yellow Lemon
New Gamboge                        Gamboge Nova             New Gamboge                  Indian Yellow
Yellow Ochre                           Yellow Ochre                 Yellow Ochre
Quinacridone Coral                 Scarlet Lake                  Scarlet Lake                     Tiziano Red
Quinacridone Rose                  Permanent Red            Permanent Rose              Rossa Tiziano
Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet     Alizarin Crimson            Brown Madder                 Dragon's Blood
Quinacridone Magenta            Perm. Magenta               Perm. Magenta              Permanent Violet Reddish                   
Cerulean Blue                         Cerulean Blue               Cerulean Blue                  Cerulean Blue
Phthalo Blue (GS)                   Phthalo Blue (YS)          Winsor Blue                     Primary Blue Cyan
Sap Green                              Sap Green                     Sap Green                       Sap Green

These colors are for students who have 5 or more years of experience in watercolor. 

Daniel Smith                          Holbein                         Winsor Newton                    Maimeri
Quinacridone Gold                 Quinacridone Gold         Quinacridone Gold               Golden Lake
                                               Permanet Yellow Orange
Cobalt Blue                            Cobalt Blue                    Cobalt Blue                           Cobalt Blue Lt.
Manganese Blue Hue            Manganese Blue Nova  Manganese Blue Hue            
Quinacridone Deep Scarlet                                   

Advanced and Masters​
These colors are for students who have a good understanding of color and wish to learn more about pigment interaction. CHOOSE ONE FROM EACH LIST HORIZONTALLY

Daniel Smith                        Holbein                          Winsor Newton                     Maimeri
                                             Perm. Violet                    Winsor VioletPerm.               Violet Blueish    
Under Sea Green                
Ultramarine Blue                  Ultramarine Blue              Ultramarine Blue                   Ultramarine Blue

Available through your local art supply retailers as well as most art supply catalogue companies.
 (Cheap Joes, Dick Blick, Jerry's Artarama, and Utrecht)  

Additional Supplies

1. Palette (White with lid, 20-42 wells for color)
2.. Brushes (Required) Purchase short handle WATERCOLOR brushes only!
Round – Nylon or Nylon/Sable Blends, or Sable Brushes - Sizes #6, #8, #10 or larger
  Cats Tongue type brush or Holbein Black - 3/4" (L) - Purchase Here
  Vernon Shaders - Purchase Here
3. 300# Cold Press (Minimum 1 sheet)
  Lighter weight paper is acceptable for preliminary studies and exercises only.
  Arches CP 140#
4. Aquabord, if working on Aquabord. (I do instruct and demonstrate on Aquabord and recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to discover this surface.)
5. Sketchbook, any size. (I prefer working on Bristle Pads. I design in gray scale markers and the Bristle paper holds up well to this as well as graphite.)
6. Paper Towels, Minimum 6 sheets
7. 1 Handy Wipe
8. Pencils (#2 or HB, 2B or 6B)
9. Eraser-White Vinyl
10. Large Water Container 
11. Resource Photos

Optional Supplies
12. Camera
13. Recorder 
14. Masking Fluid
15. Sketch and Wash Pencils
16. No wax graphite paper if you are transferring a drawing

It is helpful if you bring in previously completed paintings or photos of paintings you have done.


It is helpful if you bring in previously completed paintings or photos of paintings you have done.

Suggested Materials and Equipment for Karen Vernon Plein Air Workshops
1. Portable or plein aire easel
2. Roll of Paper Towels
3. Protetive hat and/or umbrella
4. Sunscreen and Bug Repellant
5. Stool if desired
6. Dolly or Backpack for transporting supplies
7. Water for painting
8. Water for dring
10. Tape, bungee or clips or mounting board for anchoring paper in the wind. Aquabord does not require this.
11. Gray shirt.